Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Business Valuation In Connecticut For Startups

Before investing in a startup, the first question that comes to mind is: what is the worth of the company?  It is pretty complex to determine the valuation of a company before it has revenues. Unlike valuing organization with assets, revenues, and longer track records there is no agreed upon standards for startups.

Business Valuation is in no way straightforward - for any organization. For startups with slight or no revenue or profits and less-than-certain futures, the job of assigning a valuation is particularly complicated. For mature, publicly listed businesses with stable earnings and revenues, normally it is an issue of valuing them as a multiple of their earnings before taxes, depreciation, interest, and amortization or based on other business specific multiples. But it is a lot harder to value a new project that is not publicly-listed and may be years away from sales.

Valuation of a pre-revenue corporation is often one of the first points of debate that must be negotiated between entrepreneurs and angels. Entrepreneurs desire the value to be as high as possible and angels want a value low enough so that they own a reasonable portion of the company for the amount they invest.

A Business Valuation is the most important component of a buyer-seller contract, which represents a working evaluation of how much you as the seller anticipate receiving in exchange for your tangible and intangible assets. Whereas to some extent, Business Valuation is an exceptionally subjective process, and you can demand any price you wants for your company, on the condition where you come across a buyer willing to pay that amount. 

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