Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Four Easy Ways To Estimate Your Business Valuation

What is the worth of your Business? Unfortunately, there is no simple answer to this. People have different opinions on what defines value that makes the question itself a tricky one. After all, knowing about how much your business is worth today could be rather different than how much you can actually sell it for at a later date. Therefore, it’s essential to regularly review your Business Valuation.

The most common methods used to estimate the financial value of a business has been outlined below. While Business Valuations usually feature in parts of each approach, to ensure whether they are absolutely accurate and reliable, it is better to understand which valuation types may work best for your business.
It is utmost essential to work with a credentialed Business Valuation professional, trained to apply the correct methodology.

1. Income Approach
Income Approach is a type of valuation which is best suited for owners who use their business mainly as an income stream. This method is based on the amount of income your business is likely to provide and integrates approaches like discounted cash flow valuation, an analysis that determines present value based on future cash flow projections adjusted over time.

2. Asset Approach
This type of valuation can be appropriate for owners who treat their business as an investment rather than an income stream. Asset Approach is a straightforward approach which follows a very simple rule: ‘A company should not be worth more than the sum of its parts.

3. Market Approach
It is not necessary to take an MBA to understand this approach. Just allow the market be your guide. Look around to know what similar businesses in your community or industry sold for, and only then you’ll get a good idea of your market value. 

4. One Value Matters Most
It is obvious that, when it comes to sell your business there is only one value that matters the most: the amount someone is ready to pay for it. This definition evidently establishes your finish line. However, there can be many challenges while choosing the right roads to get there, and with the highest value. 

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