Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Foxboro Consulting Group- Best Business Advisors For Gift & Estate Tax Valuation

Estimating the value of the business is very important for a business man. A very common reason for business valuation is Gift and estate tax situation. In case, an owner passes away, the business is taken over by other partners or family members. One rather nasty task they need to handle quickly is how to pay the very large estate taxes.

The business people aim at highest possible business valuation result, but Gift and Estate Tax Valuation is something different. In this case, business owners try to get lowest possible tax value that they need to pay. Fair market value is the typical standard used to value businesses in gift and estate tax situations. The subtle difference you need to know about is that the definition of this standard may differ from that used in business acquisition scenarios.

Specifically, gift and estate tax valuations consider what the business is worth to a hypothetical business buyer without regard to special synergies that could result in a higher potential business selling price. If you plan to use the income based methods such as the Discounted Cash Flow, be aware that conservative earnings forecasts are usually acceptable as long as they are realistic. Gift and Estate tax valuations need to be calculated wisely as the tax officers will surely question if they find out the low tax amount for the business. Thus for Gift & Estate tax valuation, one must hire a business consultant with experience and perfection.

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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

3 Business Valuation Approaches To Know Your Business Worth

Business Valuation is a set of procedures that are undertaken to evaluate the business worth. Though it sounds an easy way but, getting your business evaluation done from the right place requires a wise thought. Foxboro consulting Group,Inc follows the three basic business valuation approaches to calculate the fair price of the business. 
A Business Valuator applies Business Valuation techniques to find out the fair price of your business. There are three approaches to Business Valuation that are as illustrated below:

1. Asset Approach
According to asset approach the business is a set of building blocks of assets and liabilities that constructs the business value. This approach revolves around the economic principle of substitution which states what cost will be required to set up the same business that outputs the same benefits to the owners? The way one can answer this is by calculating the value of assets and liabilities that are to be included in the valuation, choosing a standard of measuring their value and then determining the worth of each asset and liability. 

2. Market approach
According to the market approach the business valuation depends upon the principle of competition that implies what re the other businesses that are as worth as mine? No business operates in a vacuum. If you are doing really well with your business then the probability is others are also doing well with theirs. Hence it depends upon you to choose what type of business do you want to invest in and then you need to check its growing rate. In case you are planning to sell your business, check the market to find out the price similar business is sold for. It is intuitive to think that the “market” will settle to some idea of business price equilibrium - something that the buyers will be willing to pay and the sellers willing to accept. That’s what is known as the fair market value. Both parties are assumed to act in full knowledge of all the relevant facts, and neither being under compulsion to conclude the sale.

3. Income approach
The income approach relies on the economic principle of expectation that applies if I invest time, money and effort into business ownership, what economic benefits and when will it provide me? The Income approach methods determine the value of a business based on its ability to generate desired economic benefit for the owners. The key objective of the income based methods is to determine the business value as a function of the economic benefit.

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