Thursday, December 24, 2015

Business Valuation – Why is it Important?

Business Valuation is in essence a set of procedures that are followed to ascertain the worth of a business or the economic value of a business. It is easier said than done. The business valuation activity, in order to be effective, requires high level of expertise and deep knowledge of business finance matters on the part of the appraiser. When the future of a business and huge finances are on stake, then chances can’t be taken. An underestimated business value is as detrimental to the business as an overestimated one. Thus, a competent person must be appointed for the valuation of business.

Business Valuation helps you as an entrepreneur in conducting the following important activities:

Initiating the selling process of business
Transferring the business interest as gift
Resolving the shareholder disputes
Determining the capital gains
Determining the tax obligations
Attending to litigation matters
Accessing external sources of funding

From the above points it is clear that business valuation is an indispensable business activity in the present times as it serves very important purposes. But, you must insist on taking this service only from a qualified CPA, who has an expertise in business valuation and the matters associated with it.

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Friday, December 4, 2015

7 Important Benefits Offered by Professional Business Valuation Service

Business Valuation is a business exercise the importance of which cannot be undermined. Intelligent business owners understand the relevance of business valuation in the present business environment. It is a way to know the worth of your business. But, in order to be effective, it should be done by a professional GTA who is specialized in this particular domain of valuing businesses. The money spent on the valuation process should not be seen as an expense, but an investment.

Here we have mentioned for you seven important benefits offered by professional business valuation service:

1. Exit Planning – A professional business valuation report provides a basis for exit planning.

2. Wealth Management/Enhancement – It helps in increasing wealth by identifying key value drivers.

3. Pre-Sale Planning – Buyers are willing to pay a high price only for a business that shows good prospects. The valuation of business helps making it more liquid and brings it in a better position to be sold.

4. Internal Transfer of Business – The valuation establishes a price for shareholder buy-out, management buy-out, or employee share ownership plan.

5. Sale of Business to Third Party – It provides a sound basis for initiating negotiations with prospective buyers.

6. Tax and Estate Planning – It serves as insurance for potential disputes with CRA such as estate freezes, reorganizations, etc.

7. Avoiding/Resolving Shareholder Disputes – Such a valuation can help prevent legal disputes over value with shareholders and in resolving such disputes as well (as professional valuation expert’s opinion on the value of shares in question is considered unbiased).

In case you are seeking professional business valuation services for your business, you may contact Foxboro Consulting Group, Inc. It is a reputable firm that provides reliable business enterprise valuation and management consulting services at affordable rates. Their services include Business Enterprise Valuation, Gift & Estate Tax Valuation, Stock Option Valuation, Business Plan Development, Feasibility Consulting, to name a few. You may get more information by visiting their website

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Litigation Support Services: Four Reasons For a Company To Adopt it

Litigation Support Services help law agencies and organizations to show its brilliancy in an atmosphere of complex litigation, which occurs when there is an involvement of multiple parties having large amount issues and dealing with lengthy court processes in lesser time for preparing a case preparation. Every business has one or other big issue related to it, hence adopting the litigation support services can be beneficial for your organization.

Below given are four reasons that Suggests an organization to acquire Litigation Support:

Dismissal of Multiple Spectators: A few cases include an excess of witnesses for one law office to remove before legitimate procedures start. In such cases, extra lawyers are expected to complete some portion of the affidavit process, and offer the law some assistance to gather essential data from the testimony transcripts. A supplier of prosecution support can supply lawyers and different experts that render affidavit help.

Renewal of Multiple Records: Substantial cases normally require the recovery of many documents. In numerous occasions, recovering this number of documents is basically a lot for a law office's paralegals and authoritative staff to achieve by the fundamental date. At the point when this issue emerges, outsourcing document recovery to a supplier of complex litigation services is the best decision.

Data that Requires Expertise to Depict Information: There are some cases that include complex investigative data, or different sorts of data that are difficult for lawyer's to interpret, thus they require the help of specialists who have practical experience in the topic. At the point when a law firm is outside of its component regarding the data it must interpret, a legitimate support service provider can unite it with subject specialists who assist with interpretation.

Less Case Preparation time: Any of the factors above can leave lawyers with an inadequate measure of time to set up a case technique. In this circumstance, the help of extra paralegals and lawyers, and legitimate assistants that sort out information can offer a law some assistance with the case as per date.

If your organization experiences these or other impediments to the legal process, contact a litigation services provider today.

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Monday, November 2, 2015

Get Reliable Fairness Opinion Services at Foxboro Consulting

Fairness Opinion can be defined as an act of evaluating a deal by a third party who determines whether a deal is fair or not. Getting a fairness opinion has become an indispensible activity in the modern business environment. It is sought after by today’s companies for basically two purposes, viz., safeguarding themselves against any potential financial threats and sending a message that they are quite committed towards ethical corporate behavior. Fairness opinion is usually sought after by organizations during mergers, acquisitions, buy-outs, and divestitures. 

A financial advisor reviews a transaction from a financial view point and he looks at the factors such as pricing, terms and consideration received in the context of the market for similar companies. Subsequently, the advisor pronounces whether a particular transaction is fair enough from the financial perspective as well as from minority shareholders’ perspective. Though there are no formal guidelines as regards obtaining a fairness opinion, it has a favorable effect as the board of directors appears sincere and honest in its approach by acting in the best interest of the shareholders.

Needless to say, fairness opinion plays a vital role in taking right business decisions. Thus, fairness opinion services must be chosen carefully. You must opt for a competent financial advisor, who would be able to guide you in the right direction. Foxboro Consulting Group, Inc. is the right place for you to take fairness opinion services. Foxboro is a reputable business valuation and management consulting firm that provide services such as Fairness Opinion, Closely-held stock valuation, Solvency opinions Services, Business Development Services, Feasibility Consulting, and many others.
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