Thursday, December 24, 2015

Business Valuation – Why is it Important?

Business Valuation is in essence a set of procedures that are followed to ascertain the worth of a business or the economic value of a business. It is easier said than done. The business valuation activity, in order to be effective, requires high level of expertise and deep knowledge of business finance matters on the part of the appraiser. When the future of a business and huge finances are on stake, then chances can’t be taken. An underestimated business value is as detrimental to the business as an overestimated one. Thus, a competent person must be appointed for the valuation of business.

Business Valuation helps you as an entrepreneur in conducting the following important activities:

Initiating the selling process of business
Transferring the business interest as gift
Resolving the shareholder disputes
Determining the capital gains
Determining the tax obligations
Attending to litigation matters
Accessing external sources of funding

From the above points it is clear that business valuation is an indispensable business activity in the present times as it serves very important purposes. But, you must insist on taking this service only from a qualified CPA, who has an expertise in business valuation and the matters associated with it.

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