Friday, December 4, 2015

7 Important Benefits Offered by Professional Business Valuation Service

Business Valuation is a business exercise the importance of which cannot be undermined. Intelligent business owners understand the relevance of business valuation in the present business environment. It is a way to know the worth of your business. But, in order to be effective, it should be done by a professional GTA who is specialized in this particular domain of valuing businesses. The money spent on the valuation process should not be seen as an expense, but an investment.

Here we have mentioned for you seven important benefits offered by professional business valuation service:

1. Exit Planning – A professional business valuation report provides a basis for exit planning.

2. Wealth Management/Enhancement – It helps in increasing wealth by identifying key value drivers.

3. Pre-Sale Planning – Buyers are willing to pay a high price only for a business that shows good prospects. The valuation of business helps making it more liquid and brings it in a better position to be sold.

4. Internal Transfer of Business – The valuation establishes a price for shareholder buy-out, management buy-out, or employee share ownership plan.

5. Sale of Business to Third Party – It provides a sound basis for initiating negotiations with prospective buyers.

6. Tax and Estate Planning – It serves as insurance for potential disputes with CRA such as estate freezes, reorganizations, etc.

7. Avoiding/Resolving Shareholder Disputes – Such a valuation can help prevent legal disputes over value with shareholders and in resolving such disputes as well (as professional valuation expert’s opinion on the value of shares in question is considered unbiased).

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