Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Hire the Experts and Know the Real Worth of Business - Foxboro-Consulting

Foxboro Consulting is a team of experts dedicated towards business valuation and management consulting. This consulting agency offers its clients an extensive range of valuation, asset appraisal services, which even include IRC Section 409A valuation services. The treatment for central Income Tax purposes of the nonqualified delayed compensation paid by a service recipient to a service provider in the US is regulated by Internal Revenue Code Section 4029A. The recipients of these services are the employers as well as those who avail the services of the independent contractors. The list of service providers also includes executives, general employees, some independent contractors, board members, as well as entities that provide services.

At times, companies are perplexed thinking if they require 409A valuation. Thus it is advisable to find out an answer from their investors or business lawyer, if a 409A valuation is required for their company. In order to have a have a fair idea of the value of your company, 409A valuation is required. There are situations when the owners are under the impression that they are fully aware of their company’s value, which is not the case. They need to go beyond their perceptions with respect to the company’s value. This is where the advice of a professional valuation expert is thus needed to satisfy IRC Section 409A.

The professionals at Foxboro Consulting assist the companies in meeting the requirements of Section 409A of the Internal Revenue Code, since our 409A valuations are laid out to support an uncomplicated audit process. We have extensive market knowledge and vast experience in valuation of early stage businesses.

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