Monday, April 21, 2014

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Foxboro Consulting is committed to business valuation and management consulting. It offers a comprehensive range of valuation and asset appraisal services.

In this era, when global financial crisis is still producing its aftereffects, the scope of bankruptcy related cases have been on the rise. With this, the global financial crisis by large defines highly intricate financial instruments and corporate structures and makes valuation in bankruptcy litigations more difficult. The deficiency of market forces makes valuation, in bankruptcy, more complex and less accurate. The occurrence of these is due to the occasional trading of the securities of bankrupt firms and the related scarcity of analyst coverage leading to inaccurate valuation in bankruptcy litigation.

We, as a part of our Bankruptcy Valuation services help in determining the fair market value of your company and the stockholder’s equity, and facilitate a documented valuation report of the findings. This report is prepared by our valuation specialists in order to provide a basis of reorganization of the capital structure of your company.
The bankruptcy valuation specialist at Foxboro Consulting value your company’s assets under two categories

·         Fair Market Value: The value of assets which are continuously used
·         Orderly Liquidation Value: This is done on the machinery and equipment, and involves dismantling and selling of stuff

Our bankruptcy proceeding involves secured promissory note holders, and others. That is when the company doesn’t have a professional, technical and support workforce to pursue continuing the business enterprise nor is the company is able to complete, finalize, test and market the company’s technology and software. Our bankruptcy valuation experts have complete understanding of the operations, mechanisms, and corporate governance required in the bankruptcy proceedings.

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